Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables

for the Sunshine Coast

While all Wholesalers like to think their product is the best we go a little bit further taking enormous pride in our service; in fact, service quality represents our sustainable competitive advantage. Service quality is what separates us from others and is the main reason for the bond we have built between us and our customers.

Coastline Produce is the Sunshine Coast's largest processor and wholesaler of fresh vegetables, fruit and salads. Our wholesale production plant and Warehouse of 27 years is located at Noosaville, Queensland, Australia and has the capacity to supply all your Wholesale and Home requirements.


Highly Trained Team

focused on Service and Product Quality


Coastline Produce is led by a team of qualified chefs and hospitality professionals with many years experience in the food industry both in Australia and overseas, they understand the inner workings of high volume kitchens.

We are committed to supplying premium quality prepared vegetables  on a daily basis with professional friendly service.