Used 2021 Kronen KDB 120 Dipping Bath for Sale

New and Imported to Australia in mid 2021 for AUD$85K+

Used for 6 months.  Video is of first use / trial run.

Optional Features - Air Knife and Wheels added.

Asking AUD$50K ono

Kronen  KDB 120Dipping Bath Product Link

The Kronen KDB 120 dipping bath is for the final treatment of peeled or cut fruit or vegetables. By application of e.g. Nature Seal®, other liquids or water soluable powders a prolongation of shelf life and increase of product quality.

How it works:

  • The KDB 120 dipping bath is filled with the peeled and/or cut product via the feeding hopper. The process can be incorporated into a automatic line.

  • The product is transported through the filled tank and is sprayed from the top. 

  • The contact time of the product is adjustable from 0.5 to 2 minutes.

  • The water level in the dipping bath is variable to the product quantity and size.

  • With a minimum water filling of 24 l, or a water level of 10 mm, the machine is fully guaranteed (up to max. 130 l content). The KDB dipping bath is the bath with the smallest fill quantity available.

  • At the end of the process, the product is dried by an air knife and then discharged directly into a container or on a conveyor belt. 

The small size Kronen KDB 120 dipping bath is easily integrated into existing fruit or vegetable processing lines. Otherwise it can be operated as a solo bath. The Kronen KDB 120 dipping bath is made of stainless steel and FDA approved plastics. It is easily be cleaned and maintained.